The Parenting Skills Coach provides services for parents who care about their parenting and want to explore ways of making it (even) more enjoyable and successful for themselves and their children.

The Parenting Skills Coach provides parenting skills training and coaching to parents from all backgrounds and circumstances.Training and coaching can be provided on a group, family or 1:1 basis, in a variety of locations, including your own home if you wish.

Sometimes, parents who are thinking about parenting skills training or coaching are concerned that other people might believe that they are “bad” or “poor” parents if they receive parenting skills training or coaching.

Please forget such concerns if you have them! Should parents who want to take time considering their current approach to parenting and exploring possible ways to improve their parenting skills regard themselves as “bad” or “poor” parents for doing this? Of course not! Quite the opposite!

If parenting is the most important job there is (which I believe it is) and children are the most important things in parents’ lives, is wanting to confirm or improve one’s parenting skills the sign of a “bad” parent, or a good parent? Clearly it is the sign of a caring, considerate, responsible, “good” parent!

Therefore, if you have parenting questions or concerns, or would like to review or develop your parenting skills, please get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

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“Thank you. Finally, I can enjoy being a parent again.”