This page highlights Parenting Skills Coach values and provides a little biographical information about me.



Meeting and seeking to exceed our clients’ expectations is our top priority


Central to our work is the belief that all individuals, whatever their circumstances, have the potential to achieve great things


We treat our clients courteously and with respect. We ensure that our procedures and approaches follow relevant legislation and codes of conduct


We always act honestly, with integrity and treat confidentially client information needed to provide relevant services


We always seek to improve our services. We value and act on client feedback. We are open-minded and motivated to learn


We are outcome-focused and agree relevant objectives with clients, which demonstrate the impact
and benefit of our services


Parenting can be complex and emotional, often involving very personal and sensitive feelings, beliefs and concerns. Therefore, to discuss one’s parenting with someone else (other than superficially) means, for most people, that they need to know something about the other person and feel that they can trust them.

If, as I hope, you decide that you would like to attend a course or receive some coaching, we will meet and you will quite quickly get to know me as I am an open sort of person. In the meantime, I will outline some of my background, so you can gain a little insight into me and how I like to work with clients.

I have lived in the Bath area for most of my life, but been lucky enough to see lots of the world. I have a lovely wife (who is a brilliant florist) and two fantastic sons, who are now both pretty much grown up.
I am naturally a very optimistic person, who believes wholeheartedly in the huge potential that each of us (adult and child) has to develop, to make necessary changes in our lives and to achieve great things. It was this belief which led me (after working in all sorts of management roles) to study Coaching and Development, so that I could work as a professional life coach.

I am also, though, a realistic person. Through my work with parents (see below) and personal experience in my own childhood, I have a good understanding of the challenges and issues, large and small, which can make parenting tricky or really difficult at times.

As you would expect, I believe that effective, successful parenting is extremely important for children’s and parent’s own lives both now and in the future – as well as for the wider communities and society we all live in.

In late 2009, I joined the children’s charity Barnardo’s as a parenting coordinator, which involved planning, organising, delivering and evaluating “The Incredible Years” parenting skills course (intended for the parents of children aged 2 to 11). I also provided parenting advice/coaching to a wide range of parents on a 1:1 basis. While with Barnardo’s, I also delivered a separate parenting course called “The Parent Factor in ADHD”. This course was developed by Barnardo’s specifically for the parents of children who have received a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In 2012, the B&NES council-funded parenting coordinator role – and me with it – moved from Barnardo’s to the Southside Family Services charity in Bath, where I continued to deliver the Incredible Years course to groups of parents as well as coaching parents in their own homes.

During the last four years, I have gained a great deal of experience working with parents in course groups and on a 1:1 basis. I have delivered or co-delivered around 20 Incredible Years courses and coached or advised many more parents in their own homes. In total, during the last four years, I have worked with over 200 parents.

The parents I have worked with have come from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances and have included married couples, unmarried couples, divorced or separated couples, single parents, heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and parents of all ages from teenagers to parents in their middle ages, whose children are in their late teens!

In all these groups, I have met lots of fantastic people, who have confirmed that the parenting concerns or issues parents typically have and how much they care about their parenting and their children, are NOT defined by, for example, where they live, their status, their income, etc.
Besides working with parents on parent-specific issues, I also provide life coaching services.
Alongside the parenting and coaching work I do, I work part-time in a Primary School and am CRB/DBS cleared.

In my spare time, I love watching sport (especially watching my son’s football team), taking portrait photographs, and helping my wife develop and market her floristry business “Garden Room Flowers”.