That’s bribery that is!

Quite often, parents can become confused about when a “treat” given to a child with the intention of encouraging them to behave well (say on a supermarket trip) is a “Bribe” and when it a “Reward”.

Also, some parents feel awkward about giving their children a reward as they feel as they are bribing or coercing their children into behaving well.

The difference between a Bribe and a Reward is that a Bribe is given to a child before they have done what they are required to do (e.g. stay sat quietly in the supermarket trolley until return to the car after the shop is completed), while a Reward is only given to the child after they have done what they were required or told to do to earn the reward (i.e. they would receive the reward on return to the car, provided they had sat quietly in the trolley all the way round).

Clearly, bribing children is not recommended, as they have no incentive to behave well if they are given what they want, before the time they have to behave well.