Group coaching

Parenting Skills coaching for a group of up to 10 parents (perhaps friends).

  • Venue

    Any venue agreed as suitable by the Parenting Skills Coach. If a venue has to be hired this can be arranged by the Parenting Skills Coach, but the cost would be payable by the client group (typically £10-£20 per hour)

  • Number of sessions

    Minimum of five, two-hour sessions. The first session (of up to two hours) is free and is used to: discuss and agree the topics on which group members want the coaching to focus and to agree the dates and times of subsequent coaching sessions (a minimum of four)

  • Price

    £50 an hour for the whole group.Please note that the Parenting Skills Coach’s travelling time to and from the coaching venue is chargeable at the same rate and that mileage is chargeable at 40p per mile.

Please see the terms and conditions relating to coaching for full details of how coaching is arranged.