The Parenting Skills Coach currently delivers two very well respected and widely used parenting courses. Each can be attended by parents or carers. Children do not attend these courses with their parents. The courses are usually delivered to a group of parents, but can be delivered on a 1:1 or Family Basis.

"The Incredible Years"

“The Incredible Years” is a very well researched parenting skills course for the parents of children aged 2 to 11. Please click the link above to go to The Incredible Years page of this site for more information.

"The Parent Factor in ADHD"

“The Parent Factor in ADHD” is a parenting skills course for the parents of children who have received a diagnosis of ADHD. Please click the link above to go to The Parent Factor in ADHD page of this site for more information.


The following parenting courses are also being developed. If you would be interested in receiving further information about any of the courses, please get in touch. These courses should be available later in 2014

"Successful Parenting"

The “Successful Parenting” course will be for the parents of children aged from 2 to 12 and take a wider look at what is necessary to be a successful parent above and beyond practical parenting skills. It will therefore include consideration of various factors affecting successful parenting, including self-development and personal action planning to address factors relevant to individual parents attending the course.

"Parenting Teenagers"

Parenting children at each stage in their growth and development can present different opportunities and challenges for parents. This course will consider the particular factors and issues – many would say challenges! – of parenting children during their teenage years.

Parenting with Mental Illness

Parenting can be very challenging “at the best of times”. When a parent has mental illness or mental health problems, parenting becomes an even bigger challenge. This course will look at what parenting with mental illness can mean for parents, their children, family and friends. The course is being developed in conjunction with the “Positive Futures” group – a peer support group for parents with mental health issues.